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The Army Painter - Wet Palette
Wet Palette The best wet palette there is - superior quality and custom-designed to keep your Warpaints preserved perfectly smooth and creamy! The Wet Palette comes with 2 sheets of hydro foam and 50 hydro sheets. Special inner layer design...
109,95 kr
Fjernlager: 1-4 uger
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The Army Painter - Masterclass: Drybrush Set
Masterclass: Drybrush Set These spectacular and highly specialised drybrushes give ultra-realistic results and very smooth coverage - revealing every detail of your miniature with ease. The brushes are versatile and can be used for both large models, terrain, and vehicles...
99,95 kr
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The Army Painter - Most Wanted Brush Set
Most Wanted Brush Set Made using Rotmarder sable, this extremely fine and pointed brush is perfect for painting ultra precise highlights, facial tattoos or just insane details. The most versatile brush in our line-up, the Regiment brush is ideal for...
109,95 kr
The Army Painter - Super Glue
Super Glue Also known as cyanoacrylate - this is super glue at its best. Medium thickness and high quality, this Super Glue is ideal for miniatures and small parts due to its precision tip. Creates a very strong bond between...
29,95 kr
The Army Painter - Project Paint Station
Project Paint Station The Army Painter Project Paint Station is the perfect tool for the immaculate hobbyist, that wants all his or her Warpaints within easy reach and well sorted for their painting project. The Project Paint Station holds 30...
149,95 kr
The Army Painter - Hobby Set
Hobby Set The Hobby Set has everything a wargamer and painter could want - all in one box. From assembling to painting this set can do it all. With The Army Painter tools, glue, paints and brushes - including a...
239,95 kr
The Army Painter - Mixing balls
Mixing balls Heavy pigment, old paint or a combination thereof: the Mixing Balls will make your paints perfect again. The 5.5 mm stainless steel high-grade Mixing Balls will blend medium and pigment perfectly together, with a few shakes of your...
39,95 kr
The Army Painter - Hobby Tool Kit
Hobby Tool Kit This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a ?one box fits all? tool kit. Includes all the basic tools you need to assemble any miniatures army. It also includes a free 5g Super Glue...
159,95 kr
The Army Painter - Plastic Glue
Plastic Glue Also known as polystyrene cement, this special glue will mend and make attractive bonds between plastic parts of any miniature. Once dry, the miniature parts are fused together for a strong joint.
27,95 kr
Fjernlager: 1-4 uger
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The Army Painter - Hobby Starter Brush Set
Hobby Starter Brush Set - 3 BRUSHES FOR ANY PAINT TASK - TRIANGULAR PRECISION GRIP ENSURES PERFECT CONTROL - BEST QUALITY SYNTHETIC HAIR FOR THE PERFECT PAINT JOB Designed specifically for basecoating miniatures. The Standard Brush is the perfect size...
79,95 kr
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The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush - Insane Detail
Wargamer Brush - Insane Detail As the name suggests this is an extremely fine and small brush for the ultra small highlights, facial tatoos or just insane details like colouring the iris of an eye of a 28mm. miniature! Made...
38,95 kr
The Army Painter - Miniature and Model Magnets
Miniature and Model Magnets These supercharged rare-earth magnets are very high grade & strength (N52), enabling you to do complex conversions or simply magnetise different weapons to your models. - SUPER STRONG RARE-EARTH MAGNETS - PERFECT FOR CHANGING WEAPONS -...
59,95 kr
The Army Painter - Green Stuff
Green Stuff The original Kneadatite (best known as Green Stuff) is used by model makers and hobbyists for conversions, filling mold lines and sculpting miniatures.
54,95 kr
The Army Painter - Battlefields Basing Set
Battlefields Basing Set This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a 'one box fits all' for your miniature bases. Includes all the basic basing materials you need to make any base for your miniatures. It also includes...
89,95 kr
The Army Painter - D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Brush Set
D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Brush Set En fantastisk pakke, der giver dig alle de pensler, du har brug for til at male Dungeons & Dragons figurer eller andre modeller i monster og menneskestørrelse.  Indeholder:3 kvalitetspensler: 1 Basecoat pensel; en mellemstor pensel...
84,95 kr
The Army Painter - Miniature and Model Drill
Miniature and Model Drill The Drill is a well known and valuable tool for the converter and modeler. Drill holes in metal, resin and plastic miniatures with the drill bits provided. - USE FOR PLASTIC, RESIN AND METAL MINIATURES -...
59,95 kr
The Army Painter - Hobby Brush - Super Detail
Hobby Brush - Super Detail This super fine hobby brush is for the smallest of paint jobs, like dotting the eyes or painting fine lines. The Super Detail brush comes with the characteristic red handle as do all our Hobby...
21,95 kr
The Army Painter - Sculpting Tools
Sculpting Tools These sculpting tools, when used in conjunction with Green Stuff, offer the modeling hobbyist a range of different shapes for any sculpting project.
59,95 kr
The Army Painter - Self-healing Cutting mat
Self-healing Cutting mat The Cutting Mat is used as a base for all modeling, assembling and conversions of wargaming miniatures. It will protect your workstation from unnecessary damage. The Cutting Mat is self-healing and comes with cutting/measuring lines for precise...
49,95 kr
The Army Painter - Markerlight Laser Pointer
Markerlight Laser Pointer The Laser Pointer will show you exactly what your models can see - no matter the terrain or battlefield. No more discussions on a gaming table - point and shoot with precision! Batteries included (LR44).
54,95 kr

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