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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Wakanda Affiliation Pack
Wakanda Affiliation Pack Players can begin assembling their own team of Wakandans in Marvel: Crisis Protocol with this new Affiliation Pack! Bringing together Black Panther, Killmonger, Shuri, and Okoye from CP07 and CP08 in one convenient package, this pack gives...
379,95 kr
Storm and Cyclops
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Storm and Cyclops Scott Summers is Cyclops, the first member of the mutant team the X-Men. Summers’ mutant power causes him to produce beams of optic force from his eyes. Unable to control these beams, Cyclops must...
289,95 kr
Fjernlager: 1-4 uger
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Shuri and Okoye
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Shuri & Okoye Shuri - sister to T'Challa, the Black Panther - has proven herself a hero through her innate genius and fierce dedication to her people. With her spirited personality and intellectual prowess, Shuri has become...
269,95 kr
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Black Panther and Killmonger
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Panther & Killmonger Information King T'Challa is the leader of Wakanda, a technologically advanced nation that houses rich deposits of the precious metal vibranium. As Black Panther, T'Challa connects to the panther god Bast by eating...
235,95 kr
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